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Throughout our history, we’ve built strong and lasting relationships with every customer we’ve served, so we can build our business on almost entirely recurring business. We work hard to delve into the culture and DNA of each brand to develop creative content in a way that is all on its own and unique. We’re your friendly neighborhood creators, but our neighborhood is global.

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Make ‘Purpose’ as the core of your brand. One thing is for sure, if consumers were looking towards companies and brands doing their bit to ensuring a better and sustainable future, this expectation will now increasingly become a necessary requirement Hence, in a post-COVID-19 world it is not just important but possibly a necessary requirement for brands to continue to build long term relationships with consumers in a ‘purpose-driven’ manner. Brands should also not just talk about it or use it as a ’gimmick’, but also ‘Walk the Talk’ as per the need of the hour.



While the current pandemic has caused a lot of disruption across the industry, it has also accelerated underlying trends such as an increase in online content consumption and grocery shopping through e-commerce, etc. Brands can look at leveraging these ‘behavior shifts’ and innovate in terms of communication and brand messaging

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In such times, the need of the hour is for brands to be ‘genuine’ and empathetic in their communication. This is about being able to put yourself in the ‘shoes of the consumer’ and ensuring that the brand communicates in a thoughtful manner and connects at a ‘deeper emotional level’.




As we all start easing back into our ‘regular lives’, we need to be mindful that things may never go back to the same pre-crisis. Since all of us are dealing with ‘unexpected /new’ situations, brands need to ensure they are adapting to the ‘new normal’ in their communication (and media choices) too, in order to remain relevant.