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Best SEO Plans For Your Website

SEO is an investment for your business – it improves your online visibility, creates brand awareness and improves the rankings of your website in a  number of search engines. Your consumers are searching for your product or services – it should be every company’s priority to appear on the first page.

Throughout this guide, we will discuss the ins and outs of SEO pricing. You will learn about the different types of pricing companies that will offer, the factors that play into pricing and even some bad practices that you should watch out for. In the end, you have a solid understanding of what best suits your SEO needs.

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Price depends upon the requirement.
Number of keyphrases optimized (Keyphrases with less than 1M results)
"Diapers" is one keyphrase, and "Diapers for babies" is another keyphrase. Wondering if your term has less than 1M search results? Go to Google, type in your term, then see how many results it returns. If less than 1M are returned, you're covered.
Keyphrase research and selection
Great keyphrase research is the solid foundation of any SEO campaign. We will analyze keywords to determine what phrases will convert, which phrases will drive traffic, and which will do both.
Meta tags (Title & description)
Meta tags tell the search engines what your site is about. It also shows up to viewers when they do a search in Google. You want this written well from both a search engine and a user perspective. It is important these tags incorporate keywords but also compel users to click.
Creation & registrations of sitemap.xml
Shows the search engines every page on your site, the importance of these pages, and how often they're updated.
Optimization of robots.txt & GoogleBot crawls
The robots.txt file allows the search engine "robots" to know those folders that should not be included in their index (i.e. pages that are not for users to see).
Google My Business optimization
Adice Media will claim, setup and optimize your Google My Business business profile with Google.
Google Analytics setup w/ conversion tracking
If you don't have Google Analytics installed already, we'll do this for you. We'll also set up new goals (filling out a form, calling a phone number, etc) based on what your individual goals are.
Google Analytics traffic analysis
Adice Media will perform a full analysis of where your traffic is coming from, where they went on your site and from which pages they left.
Local search optimization
We'll create, claim and optimize your Google Places page so your local listing returns higher in the map results.
Image optimization
Google can't read images, they can only read text. We'll add text to the image properties so Google gets a clear snapshot of what your site is about.
Setup of website sitemap
A sitemap is visible to readers and is helpful with navigation. Google recommends each page on your site be within 2 clicks of the home page, a sitemap enables this possibility. This varies from the sitemap.xml file, which is for search engines to read.
Link redirect audit
We'll fix any links coming into your site on unknown pages and set up appropriate 301 (permanent) redirects.
Initial SEO copywriting articles or blog posts (Interchangeable with other Earned Media assets)
Adice Media's skilled SEO copywriters craft your content to professionally market your business while incorporating keywords at the correct keyword density for the most successful search engine ranking results.
Custom 404 error page setup and optimization
A custom 404 error page will tell search engines and users where to go if they type in the wrong page.
Online project management schedule
Our online project management system clearly outlines all deliverables and due dates so the project is kept on track at all times.
Ongoing monthly ROI, traffic, & goal reporting
Driving traffic is one thing, focusing on keywords that convert is another. We'll set up goals (fill out a form, purchase an item, call a number, etc) and track the progress of your campaign based on these goals.
Canonicalization analysis
A domain should be directed to even if,, or is typed in. A canonical domain issue causes duplicate content, a huge no-no in Google's eyes.
Internal linking restructuring & optimization
Outside links are helpful, but your internal linking structure is also important for SEO. We'll incorporate an internal linking structure ensuring all pages create an internal 'web' to help increase your SEO.
Linkable content promotion
Having great content that people will naturally link to is one thing, actually getting the word out about that content is another. We'll promote your content so the links start coming in naturally.
Header Tags Optimized (Ex. H1s)
An h1 tag is like the title of a book, and should be written to include appropriate keywords. Header tags should be in order and not deviate from an order that sequentially makes sense.
Social media monitoring software
What are people saying about your brand? Log in and see at any time what visitors are saying in the social media world.
Website usability analysis
Is your site set up for optimal conversions? Once people arrive at your site, is it easy to navigate? We'll give you an analysis of your site's usability.
Universal SEO (Video, Maps, Images, News)
Shopping results, video results, image results and news are working their way into Google's search results. We'll optimize your videos, maps, images and news to show up organically.
Continual building of relationships with online bloggers and webmasters
Not all links are created equal. Some of the most powerful links are created from outreaching to authority websites and online influencers, and we'll produce compelling content and contact influencers to share the content to drive traffic and valuable links to your site.
Website design analysis
Is your purple background with yellow text distracting to visitors? We'll give you ideas on how to increase conversions through great design.
Video and image xml sitemaps
Google continues to show richer search results. These rich snippets present new opportunities to have your website's videos and images display and increase traffic to your website.
Link reclamation
A link audit will find links to pages that no longer exist on your site, catch links that come to the site in a non-SEO friendly way and create 301 redirects to resolve these linking issues.
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In addition to our traditional plans, we also offer SEO plans with reporting options every week, so you always know exactly where your money is going. Our weekly reporting plans include strategy reports, created once a week, and a weekly call or campaign update.

No matter which SEO plan you choose, we will always keep you updated with custom reports. But if you are looking for some extra peace of mind, our weekly reporting plans are a good option for you.

Are you interested in getting custom SEO pricing, plus a suggestion? Contact us online to chat with our team!