Why Blog Post Comment Is Important? What is the benefit of Blog commenting?

BEST SEO PRACTICES: Blog Post Comment can also be made a quality backlink. However, if you comment on the link option does not appear many times, and if you add a link to the blog post comment , then the blogger removes it or does not allow links to appear in the code. But, there are many blogs where link approval is available.

What is Blog Post Comment?

What is a blog post comment? All bloggers are aware of this, but they do not know what is the right blog post comment? There are some comments on many posts of this blog which also insert the link in the comment text, due to which when the approve is done, the link gets removed. Like – Your post is very good here, all the things have been told correctly. Read this information to learn how to create Google AdSense. In the middle of the comment, he put his link. This does not make sense. The commentator is writing about your blog post or would like to give your link and to the user.

Do not comment on a blog like this. A form for commenting on a blog post is below the post, which contains the place for the comment, name, email, and website address. Write a link to the website only in the column with website address Some people do this, but instead of the website link, they write a link to the post that has been posted to. Any comment left on this can only be seen after the approval and can also be modified. Therefore, blog your blog correctly. You should not see this in your comments. You are commenting for backlinks.

Hopefully, what is a blog post comment and what is the correct way to comment it will be If you use the given method, then your comment will definitely be Approved Apart from this, some people write anything instead of email id, instead of the correct email id, this is also one reason that the comment is not Approved.

Advantages of Blog Comment

There is a lot of benefit to the blog comment, backlink is a small advantage. Anyway, you get the Nofollow Backlink from here and you will know that Nofollow Backlink does not get much advantage. But, there are many advantages in spite of this. If you want to create a network with Blogger, start commenting on their blog post, when you comment on the blog post and sometimes try to contact them through social media, they can recognize you. It is very important to have a network to earn money. The larger your network, the more money you earn. I have to say Network is Net Worth The larger your network will be your net worth.


The biggest reason for commenting on a blog is backlinks. It is true that this backlink does not get many benefits, but due to having a relayed blog there is some advantage. A blog comment is very important for a new blog. This increases the authority of your blog. In the beginning, a blog post is not able to rank in the search engine because neither does the domain authority nor any page authority. But, when you comment on other blogs, there is definitely some help from here. To some extent, this also benefits from indexing. Many times the blog post does not index Google posts for two days after publishing. For this either you can manually index the webmaster or when some backlink is found, then a small crawling rate is increased.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The second benefit of blog comment is SEO. There are so many things in the name of SEO, one of which is also. The right way to blog for SEO is to use keywords in the comments and use the keyword instead of the name. This will benefit both. If Do Get Backlink is available then this is the best thing. For this, remove the list of websites and blogs for Dofollow Comment. This information will be found in Google search and start commenting on such blogs.


When you comment on many blogs, traffic is also available here. For this, you can check in Google Analytics. When does traffic come to any blog when quality content is published there? As long as the quality content does not publish, a user gets out of the blog after watching the post, so that the bounce rate will increase, which can reduce the blog authority. That is why before you do something for traffic, your goal should be to publish good content.

Try to get a blog comment first comment and the email you are using to comment is related to The picture with the comment also showed. Your comment should be less than 4 to 5 lines of work. Some people just write a very good post in the comment. Do not do this, it is not going to be of any use.

How to make Backlinks


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