How to use YouTube Shorts for your business?

YouTube announced its shorts several days age and is in a very big competition with Instagram Reels. If you have a YouTube channel which you want to grow in 2021 this article will show you exactly how you can get an impressions boost when you start uploading shorts.

You can create vertical videos in your mobile and can direclty upload it to youtube. just go to + icon then shorts(beta)

As the shorts is still in beta program they are just testing it but the results are amazing because we are getting a good response by posting short videos.

Why should you start using youtube shorts?

  • Creating short videos is easy
  • Higher engagement
  • Higher reach
  • You can create more short videos than long videos
  • Increasing subscriber

If you are a business then you can start creating videos like how to, testimonial, educational, staff pics, whiteboard, etc.

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